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Horribly painful

..but worth it.

Started training in Krav Maga on Sat. My everything hurts, and I'm becoming increasingly familiar with just how out of shape I've been. That said, it's more fun than should be legal.
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Lil' bit of the Captain in me, eating tandoori chicken and rice with sauteed garlic mushrooms and watchin' Torchwood: Children of Earth.

... and really, if watching Torchwood, isn't the time to have a little Captain in you, when is?

On a culinary note, anyone who's considered it, making tandoori chicken and then adding the rice (half cooked) to the pan halfway through along with the excess sauce produces something akin to Indian gumbo. I may tinker with this and see if I can't come up with a suggested recipe.
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and another thing

I wasn't going to say this, because I know I'll catch hell for it from someone, but I can't take it anymore:

Good GOD shut the unholy hell up about Micheal-Bleached-Freak-Jackson! I can't go anywhere in the building today without having to wade through his funeral, and his death and the media sludge around it has engulfed and eliminated coverage of all sorts of more important actual news.

He isn't important, his death is less so, and none of the whiny bastards perpetuating this idiocy even knew the guy. I dearly hope, knowing that it's forlorn, that once they put his backside in the ground that I'll stop hearing about it.
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updatey stuff

Now own other half of car.

Still alive, although my coworkers ideas on coffee may fix that. (seriously, if I can see through it, you've fucked up something)


Just bought the right half of a used car from a mad optometrist.

My life is strange.
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Why in fuck is it so hard to find decent speakers that don't cost almost as much as my computer did?

All I want is a pair of floor speakers for my TV and maybe a cheap stereo to use as a receiver. So far the best option I've run across was like $169 per speaker, which is insane. Mayhap Goodwill will rescue me from this plight. (I couldn't even find anything on Craigslist)
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Jack Daniels and a carryout burger from the pub next door have dramatically improved my morning. Also, phone appears unfucked now.
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heads up

Just a note to anyone who knows me in meatspace: I'm unsure why, but my cell phone appears to be borked. It refuses to see it's network and as such I can't make or receive calls. For the same reason, voicemail is a waste of your time. Gmail chat or my Yahoo chat ( at work are the best way to get ahold of me until further notice.